May 29, 2014


6 things that should never be privatized. From prisons to fire departments, these essentials must be protected from corporate greed. The idea behind operating gas, water or electric services as public utilities is that those things are important to people’s health and survival and therefore, must be protected from corporate greed. Some things belong in the private sector, others don’t. Here are six things in the United States that should remain in the public sector. Salon

IN: Corporate takeover of Indiana public education illustrated by new documentary. The 2011 school reform movement supported by Republican lawmakers and then Gov. Mitch Daniels was no more than sham to let corporate interests dismantle traditional public educations, according to a group of experts. . . . Education professionals spent two years developing the film that shows the decline in money and support for public education in favor of charter schools, choice and vouchers for education provided by faith and other private interests. And author Doug Martin, a college professor, offered his expose called Hoosier School Heist that documents money from big corporations like Walmart and Amway along with education foundations representing Bill Gates and Milton Friedman promoting lawmakers and laws that fostered charter schools and public money to fund them.  Muncie Free Press

CO: Colorado lawmakers approve new rules for public-private partnerships. A bill on the Colorado governor’s desk would place new rules on public-private partnership deals for highway projects. . . .The effort follows a deal early this year between the Colorado Department of Transportation and an Australian-based company, Plenary Group, for a portion of U.S. 36. The 50-year, $425 million deal calls for widening the highway between Boulder and Denver and adding a toll lane in each direction. Critics of the deal said it was done secretly with little public input. To help guard against similar actions in the future, one provision in the bill would require public and legislative “check-ins,” including town hall meetings.  Land Line Magazine

IL: West Side charter renewal halted until operators agree to rating system. The Chicago Board of Education tabled a vote Wednesday on whether to renew an agreement with the operators of a West Side charter school and indicated no action will be taken until the private group signs on to a new citywide accountability system.  Chicago Tribune