December 19, 2012


WA: State privatizing more driver testing

The Washington Department of Licensing says more schools and training programs will take over driver testing next year. Drivers who pass the test go to a state office for their license. The Legislature outsourced the testing to reduce wait lines.  KOMO

NY: County employees’ union launches campaign to keep Maplewood nursing home

The union representing Saratoga County employees vowed Tuesday to actively campaign to keep Maplewood Manor as a county-owned nursing home…. Assalian said the union wants residents of Saratoga County to seriously consider the effects of the privatization.  The Saratogian

Can Public Education as We Know it Survive?

By and large Americans have found ways to strike a balance between these two objectives. Public schools have served as engines of upward mobility for millions of individuals, including waves of immigrants, while driving economic growth by providing an educated workforce. By emphasizing private interests almost entirely at the expense of public ones, the private vision, with millions of dollars behind it, threatens to undermine this historical balance.  Huffington Post