June 6, 2008

NYC: Rev. Billy rallies against privatizing pavilion
FL: Protesting privatizing alligator alley
MA: Library to stay public
AL: Tolling, privatization bills fail to advance
IA: Private parking slow going
Edwards AFP housing will be privatized

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News Summaries
NYC: Rev. Billy rallies against privatizing pavilion
Reverend Billy climbed to the roof of the Pavilion building in Union
Square last night around 6:30 p.m. to hang a banner reading: Not For
Sale. While he was up there, he gave the passersby a lesson on why the
historic free speech structure cannot be turned into a private, upscale
restaurant; reminding people that the first Labor Day in 1882 took
place there, and that one "shouldn’t have to buy a $15 appetizer to
have access to this building.” The Gothamist
FL: Protesting privatizing alligator alley
Members of the Citizens Transportation Coalition fear if the state
hands over Alligator Alley to a private company, it could mean we’d all
be paying as much as $20 to drive round-trip to Florida’s east coast.
The group protested the potential leasing of the alley at Pelican Marsh
Golf Club. They hoped to send a strong message — don’t privatize — to
Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp, who gave a speech to the Republican Men’s
Club this morning; however, none of the protesters actually got to see
or talk to the Lt. Governort. WINK News
MA: Library to stay public
Trustees have decided not to privatize Tewksbury’s public library after
all, saying it would not achieve the kind of financial relief for the
town’s budget woes expected by some. The privatization – which might
have been the first in Massachusetts – could have jeopardized state
aid, cut off access to other libraries, deprived local employees of
full-time jobs, challenged the trustees’ authority, and perhaps
violated the law, without reaping financial benefits, the trustees
said. Tewksbury library director Jennifer E. Hinderer called the
profit motive under privatization "completely incompatible" with the
services a public library should provide. Boston Globe
AL: Tolling, privatization bills fail to advance
Multiple efforts in the Alabama Legislature that have died sought to
make toll roads and privatization available as options to fund roadwork.
Land Line Magazine

IA: Private parking slow going
Any plan to turn the city’s downtown parking operation over to a
private manager and send about a dozen longtime city employees packing
isn’t anywhere near happening. In a spirited, hourlong debate, no one
on the City Council last night seemed eager to hire a private
management company to run the city’s parking operation, although Doug
Neumann, president/ CEO of the Downtown District, said many cities
swear by the move to privatization as a way to get improved service,
more expertise, newer technology, customer amenities and better
maintained parking facilities. Todd Taylor, a state representative in
House District 34 in Cedar Rapids and a staff representative for AFSCME,
spoke to the council on behalf of the city parking employees who stood to
lose their jobs if the council decided to privatize the operation. TMCNet
Edwards AFP housing will be privatized
Privatization means a developer, or project owner, will own all of base
housing with a 50-year lease of the land and will be responsible for
operations and maintenance. All Air Force installations in the United
States are slated to privatize under the Office of the Secretary of
Defense’s goal to eliminate all inadequate military family housing.
Several plans for the privatization include a community park and trails
linking the neighborhoods. The plan may also include amenities such as
additional parks and play areas and a new housing community center.
Edwards AFB