December 4, 2013


Pennsylvania Judge Sold Kids for Cash Documentary. That Judges can be corrupted is a flaw in the ideology of Law and Order, but this “Kids for Cash” concept opened a very nasty can of worms indeed. It exposed the corruption within the prisons, so desperate for “growth” that they will chase profits by whatever means…Set for release in February 2014, the film by Robert May will offer up a “scathing critique of America’s juvenile justice system.”  The documentary, titled Kids for Cash, aims to stir outrage and deep concern about the penal institutes, and the whole issue of privatization.The documentary, titled Kids for Cash, aims to stir outrage and deep concern about the penal institutes, and the whole issue of privatization. Guardian Express

Larry Summers: Privatizing Fannie, Freddie Is Ludicrous (video)…..“I think the idea that somehow the right thing to do is to privatize these institutions to a coalition of hedge funds who have bought up the stock at a very low price and expect to earn an inordinate return – the idea that that’s the right thing for public policy strikes me as being  at the edge of ludicrous. And is not something I would remotely support.” Bloomberg

To the Barricades! ALEC Posts Issues for 2014 Legislative Wars. The American Legislative Exchange Council—which has spent the last few years trying to subvert democracy—meets this week in Washington, D.C., to trot out its legislative agenda for next year. Note that this is the Koch brothers-backed group that creates “model legislation” for right-wing led states to adopt that undercuts some of the basic elements of broadly supported public programs, such as public schools.  Truthdig

We Know Who Stole the Economy—National People’s Action Moves to Take it Back…..For more than 40 years, corporate interests have been advancing that agenda through multiple pathways, including deregulation, privatization, redistribution of wealth through tax policy, strengthening corporate control of education, and packing courts with judges indoctrinated in free market ideology. YES! Magazine

MI: Fate of Detroit’s Art Hangs in the Balance. With a ruling by a federal judge on Tuesday that Detroit is eligible to enter bankruptcy, the fate of the city’s art collection – one of the finest in the country – now moves front and center in the legal battle over the city’s future….. Michael G. Bennett, an associate professor of law at Northeastern University School of Law, who was in the courtroom during the ruling, said, “Judge Rhodes seemed to be saying something that amounted to a defense of the collection.”A price tag on at least some of the pieces in the collection is expected soon. The city’s emergency manager, Kevyn D. Orr, hired the auction house Christie’s to appraise hundreds of selected pieces from the institute, and those estimated values are expected to be made public as part of the bankruptcy case by mid-December. New York Times           

NY: Levin pushes for moratorium on NYC charter schools. Charging that the city is facing skyrocketing costs for charter schools, Councilman Stephen Levin has introduced a resolution in the council calling on the Department of Education to place a moratorium on new charter schools. Under Levin’s plan, the Dept. of Education (DOE) would refrain from opening any new charter schools in New York City. The self-imposed moratorium would be in effect until the DOE produces a detailed report of how the funding levels for charter schools will grow over the next five years.  Brooklyn Daily Eagle

PA: AFSCME warming up to outsourcing of Pennsylvania Lottery’s management. The most vocal critic of Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed privatization of the Pennsylvania Lottery’s management may be backing off its opposition. The labor union that represents Pennsylvania Lottery employees is engaged in talks with Gov. Tom Corbett’s administration over a way to keep lottery employees on the state payroll under a private management agreement with Camelot Global Services.