November 13, 2013


Privatize Everything in the Universe? I wrote this song, “Privatize Everything,” back in 2000. The song was meant as political satire, but unfortunately, many of these lyrics have already become reality in recent years, as evidenced by the federal “catch shares” program, the state’s fake “marine protected areas,” the Obama administration’s tentative approval of Frankenfish and the state-federal Bay Delta Conservation Plan to build the twin tunnels.  Daily Kos

Congressional fiasco is the lone black mark for the Postal Service – opinion. There have been some misleading articles about the U.S. Postal Service, but few diverge as far from the facts as Bill Borden’s Oct. 31 commentary disparaging the Postal Service and calling for its privatization. He conveniently ignores the fact that delivering the mail is one of the few activities of the federal government that are rooted in the Constitution. My guess is that Mr. Borden takes the rest of that document rather seriously. The Desert Sun

TX: Credit Rating For Texas’ First Public-Private Partnership Toll Road Project In Trouble. When segments five and six of SH 130 opened in October 2012, Rick Perry called it special, and touted the significant achievement of the project as the first public-private partnership in the state.  One year later, the credit rating for the project is at junk status.  Burnt Orange Report

VA: Virginia Supreme Court Saves Toll Roads. Toll roads in Virginia have found themselves in legal limbo since May, but the state’s highest court came to the rescue on October 31. Portsmouth Circuit Court Judge James A. Cales Jr had thrown the industry into chaos with a ruling that found the General Assembly violated the state constitution when it gave the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Elizabeth River Crossings toll road company authority to raise taxes in the form of tolls, which would be taxation without representation. In a 55-page ruling, the Virginia Supreme Court rejected the reasoning of Judge Cales.

OH: Deal to Privatize Parking in Cincinnati Dead. Mayor-elect John Cranley and several of the elected city council members sent a letter to the Port Authority asking that it stop the $85 million deal. The Port Authority finalized the contracts with the vendor. City Council approved the deal, but it was widely opposed. People feared higher rates and longer enforcement. WKRC TV Cincinnati

DC: Harmony charter school seeks to expand to DC; business practices raised questions. The largest charter-school operator in Texas, an organization with a solid academic record but lingering allegations of connections to a controversial Muslim cleric, is seeking to expand to the District next year. Washington Post