October 31, 2013


Report: Uneven Training for Contract Guards for Federal Buildings. Contract guards who protect federal buildings have received uneven and inconsistent training on responding to shootings like the one last month at the Washington Navy Yard, according to a government watchdog report released Wednesday. NBC Washington

Imprisoned Profits. It may be hard to see who the benefactor of this penal epidemic is, but one has certainly emerged: private prisons. In a cruel, cyclical pattern, private prisons both benefit from and contribute to higher incarceration rates. By operating with profit motivations, they create an exploitative system that rewards unreasonable imprisonment levels, unjustly depriving individuals of their freedom and draining resources from society.  Harvard Crimson

NY: City’s Charter Schools Fear Having de Blasio for a Landlord. Charter schools in New York City have flourished over the past decade, attracting donations from Wall Street, praise from leaders in business and government, and free real estate from the city. But with a changing of the guard imminent in City Hall, many charter school leaders are concerned that the support they have enjoyed during the three terms of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg may be in peril. The New York Times

CA: Janet Napolitano outlines grand vision for UC. Responding to questions, she also said she opposes privatizing the university, has a wait-and-see attitude toward online education. San Francisco Chronicle