October 25, 2013


Private Prison Empire Rises Despite Startling Record Of Juvenile Abuse….The private prison industry has long fueled its growth on the proposition that it is a boon to taxpayers, delivering better outcomes at lower costs than state facilities. But significant evidence undermines that argument: the tendency of young people to return to crime once they get out, for example, and long-term contracts that can leave states obligated to fill prison beds. The harsh conditions confronting youth inside YSI’s facilities, moreover, show the serious problems that can arise when government hands over social services to private contractors and essentially walks away.  Huffington Post

Debate: Are charter schools a legitimate alternative to public education?Are charter schools a legitimate alternative to public schools? Or do they exist to profit off of taxpayers? Joel Mathis and Ben Boychuk, the RedBlueAmerica columnists, debate the issue. Newsday

SC: Public opposition to SC private-school choice flares. Suspicion that private-school choice would dismantle public education and revive a segregation-era expansion of private schools fueled criticism Wednesday of a state Senate bill that would expand the state’s first private-school choice program.  The State

IN: Indiana to consider stopping annuity privatization effort. Indiana Public Retirement System, Indianapolis, on Friday will consider a recommendation from the state Legislature’s Pension Management Oversight Commission to halt plans to privatize management of the retirement system’s $5.5 billion annuity savings account, confirmed Jeff Hutson, system spokesman.  Pensions & Investments

LA: State Treasurer Kennedy: Hospital privatization may lead to budget crisis. State Treasurer John Kennedy continued his call for the state to re-examine its plans to turn management of its public hospitals over to private partners during a speaking engagement Thursday in Alexandria. When asked, he reiterated his position that privatization of charity hospitals is being accomplished under misleading, and potentially damaging, conditions…..“The taxpayers of Louisiana were told that turning our charity hospitals over to private hospitals would save money because they will run them better and therefore cheaper. “On that premise, I supported privatization. But that’s not accurate.” Alexandria Town Talk