September 27, 2013


Fukushima Shows Catastrophic Potential of Privatizing Nuclear Power. The possibility of a global nuclear catastrophe as a result of the ongoing crisis at Fukushima is not only a real threat to untold lives in Japan and around the world, it is a model example of why nuclear power of any sort should not be privatized — and should only have limited uses within governmental programs.  Truth-Out

Diane Ravitch Rebukes Education Activists’ ‘Reign Of Error’. Some charter schools are exceptional; some charter schools are doing a great job. Many charter schools do worse than the local public school. NPR

MI: State panel approves pact for privatized prison meals. The state moved a step closer to privatized prison meals Tuesday with the preliminary approval of a $145 million deal with professional services giant Aramark.  The Detroit News

MI: Prison privatization still questionable – opinion…Apparently The News’ editorial board did not do this brief research, or chose to ignore it, when deciding to endorse prison privatization for the Sept. 16 editorial, “Privatizing can trim state prison costs.” Private prison operators are notorious for sealing contracts under one rate, only to tack on fees or raise costs later. This was one of many problems at the GEO-operated Baldwin youth prison closed in 2005. A Michigan Auditor General’s report found the state could have been running the facility for much less. The Detroit News

TX: Buy your way out of congestion: I-30 HOV lanes being replaced by toll lanes….It was one of the last bureaucratic steps needed to open a toll lane on a federal interstate highway. However, it will be done with a twist. The toll lanes, scheduled to open in 2015, will feature “variable pricing,” with rates that change depending on congestion. Fort Worth Star Telegram

CA: Union members balk at outsourcing work at LA-owned garages. Drawing union opposition, Los Angeles transportation officials are pursuing a plan to hire private companies to manage two dozen city-owned garages. Los Angeles Daily News

OH: TRAC Approves Nearly $3 Billion For Future Road Projects. “We are going to be as creative as we can be in terms of public private partnerships, leveraging the assets that we have, sponsorships, making sure that our designs are practical but inexpensive as possible while accomplishing what we want to do,” said ODOT Director Jerry Wray after the TRAC vote.…. Wray said within eight years there will need to be a national debate about how to continue funding road projects either through gas taxes, toll fees and or private sector financing.