June 28, 2013


Munching Away on the “Public Good”. The epidemic of privatization spreads way beyond Chicago, and way, way beyond parking meters. It’s seeping quickly into things like airports, health clinics and, of course, education. The corporatization of everything is squeezing the life out of crucial institutions, chewing up the concept of the “public good” and spitting it into a privatized water fountain.  Truth-Out

CA: Change in UCLA MBA program prompts privatization concerns. Concerns over privatization regularly flare up as the University of California system attempts to grow with limited state support. It is happening again, as UCLA’s nationally-recognized M.B.A. program moves to a self-supported funding model. Outgoing University of California President Mark Yudof recently approved a proposal that would cut UCLA’s prestigious Anderson School of Management full-time M.B.A program loose of state funds, UCLA announced Wednesday. Sacramento Bee

MI: Lawmakers want state to probe quality of care at Grand Rapids VA Home. Dillon and Brinks have harped on purportedly diminished care quality at the home ever since more than 140 caregiver positions there were privatized… Still, an unflattering state auditor general’s report released last month found numerous problems at the home, including the lack of an on-site, board-certified psychiatrist. The report, which largely centered on inadequate protection against financial waste, also found weak controls over inventories for pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and more.  The Grand Rapids Press