May 9, 2013


NJ: Democrats Attack Potential Privatization of Motor Vehicle Inspections. Stung by their inability to block the privatization of the State Lottery, Democratic members of the Assembly Budget Committee yesterday assailed the Christie administration for considering privatization of motor vehicle inspections. NJ Spotlight

PA: Poll reveals Pennsylvania voters don’t view liquor privatization as top issue. In the Franklin & Marshall poll, voters ranked the creation of new jobs and improving the state’s economy as the most important issues facing the state. Both liquor privatization and lottery privatization were given the lowest priority ratings by voters in the poll.  Patriot-News

MD: Public-private partnerships: the new model for infrastructure. There’s a P3 in your future.Maryland is poised to join 34 states and key federal agencies in transforming the way government works. Maryland’s P3 legislation, championed by Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, enables state agencies to engage business in planning, financing, building and operating public projects, from roads and rail to schools and other infrastructure. Baltimore Sun

US Under Fire over Privatization of Prisons – video. The Corrections Corporation of America, or CCA is a multi-billion dollar company and the largest private prison provider in the country. From the company’s inception 30 years ago, the US prison population has jumped 500%. Behind me is one CCA facility, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this week and is coming off the heels of a judicial scandal in which a Pennsylvania judge was found guilty of sending children to prison in exchange for money from privately-run prisons. Stories like this illustrate a major problem with modern prison privatization.  Press TV