March 6, 2013


GOP Endgame — Privatization of Government? Is the Republican zeal for the sequester and cutting government, a cover up for privatizing government services? WIll many services performed by government workers go to businesses?  Huffington Post

Paul Krugman: Mooching off Medicaid. And despite some feeble claims to the contrary, privatizing Medicaid will end up requiring more, not less, government spending, because there’s overwhelming evidence that Medicaid is much cheaper than private insurance. New York Times

FL:  Editorial: FAU needs better explanation for stadium’s new name. In this case, there was a U.S. Justice Department investigation of a GEO youth facility in Mississippi that found its detainees had suffered inappropriate sexual behavior, indifference to medical issues and excessive use of force from staff. . .  Saunders has no business putting the school in the middle of the debate over prison privatization, as she did when she told protesters, “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to discuss the impact of privatizing prisons.”  Sun Sentinel

PA: Liquor privatization picking up speed in Pennsylvania. House Majority Leader Mike Turzai of Allegheny County, said today at a press conference he expects legislation designed to get the state out of the business of selling alcohol will move on the fast track. He said House Bill 790 will be introduced today. “Because there is a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm … There is widespread agreement in our caucus,” Turzai said.

MS: Miss. workers protest child support privatization. Mississippi state workers are protesting legislative efforts to privatize the state’s child support program. Mississippi Alliance of State Employees President Brenda Scott says House Bill 1009 would likely cause state workers to lose their jobs. She says that the state tried to privatize child support services in Hinds and Warren counties in the 1990’s, but that the private entity ultimately collected less money per case. WJTV

LA: Legislator questions legality of privatization efforts. Privatization of state-run LSU hospitals requires legislative action, and there’s plenty of legal footing to support that position, a New Orleans legislator wrote Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. State Rep. Jared Brossett, D-New Orleans, made the assertion as he supplemented a request he made last week for an attorney general’s opinion on the issue.  The Advocate