February 14, 2013


Privatizing Roads, Bridges, Schools and Energy Grids? Corporatism Pervades SOTU

While the President pledged to reel in corporations, his grand plans for the U.S. proposed just the opposite…. Obama’s proposed public-private partnerships went far beyond public school classrooms. They also include the country’s most essential infrastructure: roads, bridges, rails and even energy grid… Couched as a way to save taxpayers’ money, the President actually just dangled a considerable carrot in front of corporations: construction grants and partial ownership of nearly all of the United States’ infrastructure. AlterNet

US toll roads get ‘negative’ outlook for fifth straight year

For the fifth straight year, a global rating agency has given U.S. toll roads a negative outlook. Moody’s Investor Service predicts modest growth for toll roads in 2013, but it won’t be enough to land a “stable” rating without a boost in traffic. In its 2013 outlook published Feb. 6, Moody’s said a weakened economy, flat traffic counts and “potential fiscal tightening” by the U.S. government will keep a thumb on toll-road performance in 2013.  Land Line Magazine

Mica Won’t Let His Grudge Against Amtrak Die, Revives Privatization Scheme

Rep. John Mica (R-FL) no longer chairs the House Transportation Committee, but that doesn’t mean he’s eased up on his crusade against Amtrak. Calling the company a “Soviet style monopoly,” Mica used his afternoon address to the U.S. High Speed Rail Association to announce his plan to revive his despised and defeated measure to privatize parts of Amtrak. Mica plans to introduce legislation to end Amtrak’s “monopoly” by allowing “open competition to provide intercity passenger and high-speed rail service.”  Streetsblog Capitol Hill

Letter: The For-Profit Tutoring Experience

I am a teacher in a Catholic school and I work for one of these for profit tutoring companies in Chicago. I provide small group instruction to children in math and reading….The company is squeezing teachers more and more so that the company makes lots of money for their shareholders (because they are paid by the head)… If more people understood what these companies are doing, they would be outraged! Diane Ravitch’s Blog

IL: BGA Urging Open Process For Any Deal To Privatize Midway

The Better Government Association has been putting pressure on the Chicago City Council as city officials weigh possible privatization of Midway International Airport, in an effort to make sure it won’t turn out like the disastrous parking meter lease deal. “That has been the biggest single fiasco in Chicago contracting history,” BGA President and CEO Andy Shaw told WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger. CBS Local

OH: Prison privatization huge flop by governor – opinion

When Corrections Corporation of America spent $72.7 million for one of Ohio’s facilities, Gov. John Kasich thought this would serve as a model for other states stuck in a financial slump. However, it seems that Kasich’s privatization solution has only worsened conditions inside and outside of the barbed wire. Central Florida Future