January 15, 2013


Pitney Bowes pays lawmakers to push privatizing Post Office

Pitney Bowes seems to be promoting a reckless and astoundingly flawed plan to privatize every part of the Postal Service except mail delivery. This reckless plan was brought up years ago by the Libertarian Cato Institute but was quickly dismissed. Yet the idea has been reintroduced recently. Why would this plan be suddenly creating interest in DC at this time? It’s simple: follow the money.  Peoples World

PA: State lawmakers vet Lottery privatization proposal

Senior executives of the British-based company poised to take over the day-to-day management of the Pennsylvania Lottery say they have a simple plan to get more people playing scratch-off and numbers games that underwrite services for the state’s growing over-60 population.  Allentown Morning Call

PA: Editorial: Wrong number for lottery

Corbett’s zeal to privatize management of the Pennsylvania Lottery raises more doubts about the deal, even as it increases the likelihood that the state will needlessly hand over the hugely profitable games – and a share of the winnings – to a British to a British firm.  Philadelphia Inquirer

NJ: Dems fight back against Gov. Christie’s plan to privative state lottery

Democratic lawmakers today advanced two measures that would slam the brakes on Gov. Chris Christie’s plan to privatize parts of the state Lottery. The Star-Ledger