December 31, 2012


NJ: Just one bid for privatizing sales, marketing of NJ Lottery

An effort to privatize the sales and marketing of the New Jersey Lottery has drawn just one bidder. The joint venture making the bid consists of GTECH Corporation, Scientific Games International, and the largest pension fund in Canada. But the lack of competition concerns Assemblyman Vinnie Prieto, D-Hudson, budget committee chairman. “It sends kind of mixed signals to me because you would figure if it’s that attractive to somebody, you would have had multiple bidders,” he said.

OH: Auditors uncover problems at private prisons in Ohio

During the past year, unsafe and unsanitary conditions were documented by state monitors at one of Ohio’s privately-run prisons forcing the new operator to make major changes less than one year after taking control of the facility.  Dayton Daily News

WA: Privatizing liquor hasn’t brought price down

More than six months after privatization of the state’s liquor industry, the goal of lower prices has yet to materialize. In fact, prices overall took a jump immediately after the changeover and have stayed near that level since.  HeraldNet

PA: Editorial: Legislature gets seat at the table on lottery bid

Any breathing space created by the Senate hearing also lets policymakers reconsider whether it’s even wise for Harrisburg to expand its lottery offerings. Growing lottery sales could squeeze the state’s take from slot machines and table games at the casinos. And boosting the lottery to aid seniors could mean hardship for retirees struggling with their own gambling problems.  Philadelphia Inquirer